Smt. Aparna Athreya

An award-winning storyteller, Educator, Children's author and a Life coach.

Aparna Athreya is a Storyteller, Story Coach, Motivational Speaker, Educator and Entrepreneur. She has worked extensively in the development and training in education and business.

She started off her career as a software engineer and has worked 17 years in the software industry before moving into the field of education and development.

As a master storyteller, she uses the power of stories to create rich immersive experiences across educational and organizational contexts.

She founded the Kid and Parent Foundation which runs developmental services for children, youth and professionals.

The Kid and Parent Foundation has a team of developmental experts including Psychologists, Counselors, Creative educators and Developmental specialists, who put together structured, developmentally appropriate programmes. The organization runs training and development services in schools, institutions and NGOs.

Story Triangle was founded in 2015, as a learning and development company for organizational development using Storytelling.

She is a speaker and addresses various leadership teams, school-principal summits and educational conferences. She is a TEDX speaker on Storytelling and Multiple Intelligence.

She has been awarded Women Entrepreneur by Canara Bank in 2016. She was featured as a leading entrepreneur in The Hindu Metroplus in 2016.

She strives to help children and adults discover themselves and help build communities in a mindful and responsible way.

She was listed as a most influential woman in Bangalore by Polka Cafe in 2015.