Rise & Shine

Rise & Shine October 2020


In this month’s edition of the newsletter, we’ll be taking you through a journey of the happenings at Rhapsody. Enjoy!


Gandhi Jayanthi

While COVID-19 has changed the ways in which we can navigate through events, Rhapsody kept up their tradition of dedicating to special days through this testing year. On this Gandhi Jayanthi, our Vice-President, Dr.Sudha Raja, sang a special song titled ‘Shanthi Nilava Vendum’ as a token of showing gratitude to this wise pioneer. This song is up on your YouTube channel and hopes to reach a global audience.

Click here to watch: Gandhi Jayanthi Song

International Day of Peace

Each year, the International Day of Peace is celebrated around the world on 21 September. The UN took an extra step to make sure this day is meant to build and strengthen the “ ideals of peace, through observing 24 hours of non-violence and cease-fire”. With the COVID-19 in play, this year required more attention diverted towards the idea of ‘peace’. The creative team at Rhapsody took charge at making sure we contribute in our own way. Here is the link to our rendition of a song that revolves around the theme of ‘peace’. Our founder, Mr. Anil Srinivasan, performs with the children in the video as guided in harmony by Dr. Sudha Raja.

Click here to watch: International Day of Peace



We are very happy to announce the launch of SHADJAM – Music for Harmony. SHADJAM is a Jam session for School Heads and Teachers once every month with our Vice-President, Dr. Sudha Raja. Curated for School Heads and Teachers, once every month, for a crisp duration of 30 minutes, SHADJAM aims to build a chain of educators in our field. In the course of this 30-minute session, she will be handling topics that are in the realm of training teachers with music and integrated subject modules. On conducting our first session on September 5th using Zoom as a platform, we are happy to note that close to 259 educators from different schools in our country had joined in on the SHADJAM. SHADJAM sessions will be done totally free of cost with the sole purpose of creating peace and harmony in these distressed times.

Click here to know more: SHADJAM


Altura is our collaboration with Macmillan Education to bring forward an online certified programme. Curated and hosted by Dr. Anil Srinivasan, founder of Rhapsody and a reputed musician, scholar and educator, this programme is divided into 3 seminars over the course of 3 different dates and is driven by an integrated approach to take music to children. Dr Srinivasan uses elements like live music to illustrate how the Arts can become a powerful tool for educators.The webinar was created using a tri-fold approach,

  • To understand the effect of music on the brain in terms of specific cognitive and affective functioning which has a direct impact on learning, classroom pedagogy and child development.
  • To explore the form and structure of music, to study Mathematic, Science and Language, contributing to STEM education.
  • To use 21st Century Learning Objectives and practical exercises to engender creative thinking and collaborative play in the classroom.
Rhapsody in Other Events/Panels

In a session conducted by ‘L.I.F.E.’ with Vaishali Gupta, Mr. Anil Srinivasan explored the confluence between ‘Music’ and ‘Curriculum’ in a classroom.

Click here to know more: L.I.F.E. Chats 


We are happy to be featured on MusicPlus, an interactive music communication portal serving as an all-inclusive information hub for the music industry and music lovers. Written by Hardik Joshi, the article explores the impact of music on a child’s development and the relationship between music and education, awareness about this relationship and more.

Take a look at this article to know more about this conversation: MusicPlus Article

Online certifications are becoming the new way to develop your skills. Rhapsody is happy to launch ‘Cocoon’, a unique set of Art-Led Learning Modules. Featuring popular and knowledgeable faces and field experts, these modules will help children of specified age groups to discover unusual and vital 21st century content but through music, art and multimedia, making it one of the first courses of its kind to integrate Art and Science, and infuse Creativity in Learning.The module touches upon topics ranging from design thinking to music & mathematics. This certification program is in association with Udemy and all the course modules will be accessible on the site.

Take a look at this article to know more about this conversation: COCOON