Rise & Shine – July 2021


To celebrate World Music Day, we specially curated an event for children to promote the concept of World Peace. The participants were asked to send in a one-minute video. singing any genre in any language on world peace. The top 10 entries that were sent in by 21st June got a chance to be featured in our World Music Day video. Selected 10 children were given a participation certificate.
Rhapsody is happy to celebrate such a prestigious and soulful day with amazing young talents all around!

As we embark upon the new normal and move learning to an online medium, Rhapsody offers a holistic system of courses and modules that combines Art and Science to strengthen and add colour to your child’s knowledge. The coursework, offered to students from class 1 to class 8, is aligned with the National Education Policy and integrates traditional subjects, art, language, and value-based courses like Design Thinking and Coding (the new age subjects).

Having a full-circle understanding of education and the limitless possibilities of knowledge will aid the student in having a well-balanced approach to learning and make it all the more fun! Diverse subjects in confluence are the new way to learn.
Join us on Cocoon, Rhapsody’s online learning platform, and sign up for our curated modules, masterclasses from renowned experts.

Cocoon is a unique set of Art-Led Learning Modules from the critically acclaimed Rhapsody family. Featuring known faces and domain experts, these modules will help children of specified age groups to discover unusual and vital 21st-century content but through music, art and multimedia, making it one of the first courses of its kind to integrate Art and Science and infuse Creativity in Learning.

Parents, you too have an outlet in here! Join the Parents Club to discuss, check your child’s growth and give feedback to us.

Amidst the second wave, Cocoon is now being used by schools as a platform to educate their students and we have successfully collaborated with various schools and kickstarted education online!

Contact us for more information on Cocoon!