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RISE – December 2021

December 2021

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As we tackle the rains and nature’s pauses in our daily cycle, we find that education is again on the verge of changing its dynamics. From online schooling to extracurriculars to a balanced offline and online schooling, policies are constantly fitting themselves to the environments and the kid’s state of mind.
Through this newsletter, we take you through how Rhapsody continues to change education with times and make it as valuable and fun as it can be!
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Team Rhapsody



We are happy to announce that we have been awarded the Gold Award in Asia for the prestigious QS Reimagine Education, a global event in association with The Alfred West Jr. Learning Lab and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania!

Reimagine Education is a global conference and competition, open to educational innovators from all around the world. The conference brings together ed-tech startups, academic faculty from top institutions, Chief Innovation Officers, university leadership, teachers, and other stakeholders in the future of higher education teaching and learning.

We are proud to say that at the world level, Rhapsody is ranked No. 1 globally in Arts and Humanities category.  (Source: Reimagine Education).


There’s an important project we’ve been working on for months and it’s finally here!


From 2022, Rhapsody Plus will join hands with some of the well-known MNC’s and Professors/Scholars from the best-known Universities across the world, in higher education and learning and curate creative, intelligent, and collaborative projects for curious minds as part of our project-based learning initiative.

Through these projects, students get to explore various fields from Artificial Intelligence to Entrepreneurship to Design Thinking & more.  Plus, these projects, handpicked by top academics and industry leaders, will be done in a span of 2-3 weeks, similar to an internship but with a group and a specially designed academic schedule. These explorations will help be a pathway for kids to explore their future interests and grow in the diverse 21st-century world.

Our current panel of academics who lead the projects are as follows:

Creative Intelligence is the need of the hour and project-based learning is being implemented all around the globe to expose high-schoolers to real-life challenges and unique skill-based experiences. In order to bring in the realistic setup of life and education, collaborative experiences, creative intelligence, and higher-order thinking skills are introduced and encouraged. Furthermore, this experience gives students an insight and access into emerging fields and puts them in direct contact with pioneers from all over.

While Rhapsody has always held the torch for Art Integration and Creativity in its mission so far, the need for Cognitive Creativity (creativity applied to science and other logical disciplines), Design, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation (in technology and more) is our way forward!

We look forward to having more conversations on this space and bringing you to speed on our multiple sessions!


The Rhapsody Music Foundation collaborated with HCL in 2021 and curated a talent search, The Carnatic Quest, which was a great success for young musicians.

Now, we are happy to announce that we have collaborated again with HCL to launch a prestigious contest “The Carnatic Quest Junior” for young children from ages 12 to 18.

The last date for submission was November 29th, 2021, and this time around, we were ecstatic to receive 1002 registrations in the Vocal, Violin, Veena, Flute, and Percussion categories.

The selected candidates from the preliminary round will be asked to submit their videos for the Semifinals (second round) on or before 22nd December 2021. Rhapsody is always looking forward to discovering young talent and curating events to make their skills shine!


On the 15th of November, with Children’s Day gracing us, we hosted a delightful and insightful session for school heads & teachers presented by
Dr. Sudha Raja.

SHADJAM is a Jam session for School Heads and Teachers once every month with our Vice-President, Dr. Sudha Raja.

Curated for School Heads and Teachers, once every month, for a crisp duration of 30 minutes, SHADJAM aims to build a chain of educators in our field. In the course of this 30-minute session, she will be handling topics that are in the realm of training teachers with music and integrated subject modules.

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