Philosophy & Concept
Music and The Mind

Rhapsody’s philosophy of “Education Through Music” is underscored by findings on Music and the brain. Music activates a greater proportion of the whole brain, and has been shown to be highly effective in impacting both immediate and long-term memory of a child. Academic mapping of subject concepts (Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences, Languages including English Learning) to musical exercises, activities and songs has resulted in a syllabus which has about 460 lesson plans (from Kindergarten to Class VIII). Lessons in the Rhapsody methodology also cover a spectrum of age-appropriate songs from a variety of genres and contexts.


Lessons are conducted within the curriculum by our trainers (usually ONE lesson period per class per week). The lessons are usually a composite of creative expression exercises, songs or musical exercise, craft or allied activity to the lesson and a revision of concepts. Showcasing of learning is done every fourth week in each class in a school. Naturally, this lesson plan embraces the idea of imparting musical knowledge to children. A wide variety of genres are stressed as opposed to over reliance on any one specific genre.

Rhapsody’s approach is thus the first Multi-Genre, Multimodal, Multi-Disciplinary approach to Music in the classroom in India.