February 2022

Rhapsody Education Through Music 

February 2022
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Through this newsletter, we take you through how Rhapsody continues to innovate in the education realm with changing times and makes learning as valuable and fun as it can be. 

The Pilot PBL for over 80 schools across India and UAE has been launched and what a ride it has been so far!
We have been able to virtually connect leaders in Academia and Institutions with our enthusiastic learners.
 The idea is to work in groups on these projects and enhance learning. In the first session, Dr. Ashwin Mahalingam, Associate Professor at IIT Madras (Civil Engineering), introduced a project on India’s housing needs and particularly about Foldable houses.
 Through the one-hour session, Dr. Mahalingam walked the participants through the housing policies, investments, the problem statement, and a possible solution. The next speaker was Mr. Arun Jain, Chairman and Managing Director of Intellect. A pioneer in the field of creative and design thinking, Mr. Jain conducted an engaging session with the students on what constitutes design thinking and how one should go about it. The project he had for the students was that of envisioning the future of classrooms! Finally, we had a brilliant session hosted by Dr. Vish Krishnan, Professor, University of California USA, and Faculty Affiliate at the Lab for Innovation Science at Harvard (LISH). Dr. Krishnan’s talk first focused on what really is innovation, what could be a source of inspiration for innovation, and then segued into the project related to digital health.All these projects seek to combine creative thinking, problem-solving and collaborative skills thereby creating a whole new paradigm for learning.

And the children have delivered! Here is a sneak peek of the initial ideas and concepts shared by students! We will continue to share progress made by Rhapsody Plus on exciting new discoveries children make through Project-Based Learning. Watch this space for more updates! 

The Rhapsody Music Foundation collaborated with HCL in 2020 and curated a talent search, The Carnatic Quest, which was a great success for young musicians.
For the second edition hosted in 2021, we collaborated again with HCL to meet more musical geniuses!
 The last date for submission was November 29th, 2021, and this time around, we were ecstatic to receive 1002 registrations in the Vocal, Violin, Veena, Flute, and Percussion categories.
 The selected candidates from the preliminary round were asked to submit their videos for the second round on or before 22nd December 2021. Post the submissions, our panel of judges shortlisted 120 participants for the semi-finals round, 49 participants for the finals, and selected 7 winners in the final round which was announced on 31st January.

Here is the list of winners: VOCALNanditha Kannan (1st Place)
Shakthi Muralidaran (2nd Place) VIOLIN
Chinmayi C S (1st Place) VEENA
Charulatha Chandrasekar (1st Place) FLUTE
Achyuth M Athreya (1st Place) PERCUSSION
A Vamsidara (Mridangam) (1st Place)
Vignesh Sridhar Iyer (Kanjeera) (1st Place) Rhapsody is always looking forward to discovering young talent and curating events to make their skills shine! 

We kick-started this year with a Republic Day contest to get the creative juices jet-setting! Our Republic Day Contest is curated for different age groups with creative, insightful, and suitable challenges. We are happy to note that the contest went beyond expectations and gave us the opportunity to meet young geniuses. Each participant was rewarded with certificates, the winners with prizes and each will be listed on our website.

Here is the list of winners: 
We look forward to seeing more young talents shine with their creativity and logic!
  Rhapsody found itself on print yet again with this insightful article by Aruna Chandaraju titled ‘Ragas, Rhythms and Arithmetic’ for the New Indian Express. 
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