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RISE – August 2021

August 2021 INTRODUCTION In this month’s edition of the newsletter, we’ll be taking you through a journey of the happenings at Rhapsody.Enjoy! Events July The inaugural session of Shadjam for the academic year 2021-2022 was conducted on the 30th of July. August We conducted an Independence Day Special Shadjam Event on the 13th of August […]


இசையைக் கற்கலாம்; இசையால் கற்கலாம்!

அனிலின் அடையாளங்கள் இவை மட்டுமல்ல. சமூகத்தின் அடித்தட்டுப் படிகள்வரை இசையைக் கொண்டு சென்ற முன்னோடி. “இசை, வெறுமனே அனுபவிச்சுட்டுக் கைவிடுற விஷயமில்லை… அது பெரும் சக்தி. மூளையோட ரசவாதச் செயல்பாடுகளை இசையால முழுமையா கட்டுப்படுத்தமுடியும்… ஒரு அறிவியல் சூத்திரத்தைக் கேட்கும்போது நம் மூளையில வெறும் மூணு சதவிகிதப் பகுதிதான் வேலை செய்யும். ஆனா, ஒரு பாடலைக் கேட்கும்போதோ, பாடும்போதோ 30 சதவிகிதம் வேலை செய்யும்… முறைப்படி இசையைப் பயன்படுத்தினா இறுக்கமா இருக்கிற நம் கல்விச்சூழலையே மாத்தமுடியும்…” – […]


Chennai: Finding music in darkness

CHENNAI: Over the last ten months, the country’s nearly 40 million blind population has had to rise above several unprecedented challenges that the pandemic has brought about. From the absence of touch – the primary sense around which their world is built – the struggles with navigation and loss of jobs, the year has been […]


Rhapsody’s education-through-music platform online

Launches CoCoon, a digital platform, ties up with 60 schools Anil Srinivasan knows when to hit what note. In 2013, when the concept of teaching science through visual arts and music was hardly heard about, the renowned pianist and educator launched Rhapsody, a K-8 platform that facilitates STEM learning through music. By 2020, Rhapsody’s education-through-music […]


Rhapsody raises $0.5 mn in pre series A Around

Rhapsody, a K-8 venture that promotes STEM learning through music, has raised $0.5 million in a pre Series A round. The investors in the current round include Ashwin Damera of Eruditus Education, Ananth Narayanan (ex- Myntra, co-founder and CEO, Medlife), Shobu Yarlagadda (CEO, Arka Media Works) and Sanjay Raghuraman (CEO, Kalyan Jewellers) among others. Harikiran […]


Jazz up your STEM lessons with art and music on pianist Anil Srinivasan’s digital platform, CoCoon

After seeing stupendous success with Rhapsody Music Foundation, Anil Srinivasan has come up with an online platform that will integrate art and music with STEM. Plus, such interesting coursses!  Call it premonition or plausibility, but when the Janta Curfew was declared last year, pianist and music educator Anil Srinivasan just knew that things were going […]


Rise & Shine – July 2021

WORLD MUSIC DAY 2021 To celebrate World Music Day, we specially curated an event for children to promote the concept of World Peace. The participants were asked to send in a one-minute video. singing any genre in any language on world peace. The top 10 entries that were sent in by 21st June got a […]

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