Anil Srinivasan’s new virtual platform to develop creative intelligence in children

A classical pianist, Anil Srinivasan has been promoting a structured approach to music education in schools in and around Chennai for the past few years. Through Rhapsody Music Foundation, Anil is using music to teach subjects like Mathematics, Science and languages.

 “It was a revolutionary move and worked on the idea that one can learn many subjects using music as a medium. We have worked with nearly 400 schools in south India. Because of the current situation and to reach out to more students in the country, we are planning to launch an online venture. Through the virtual platform called CoCoon, we aim to develop creative intelligence in children in the form of gamified lessons and courses,” says Anil Srinivasan.
In the first phase, the musician and team will be collaborating with schools that they have worked with before. “We are designing a few courses for children now. There will be a course in design thinking — in this, the experts will use music to teach design thinking. Carnatic singer Sikkil Guruchuran will be curating a course for beginners in music. This course will cover various interesting and basic aspects of music like why generally Carnatic singers sit on the floor while singing, why do singers shake their head while performing, and so on. Lyricist Madhan Karky will be designing a course on learning Tamil alphabets and grammar using songs. All these courses will help children introduce themselves to the vast world of music,” he shares.